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The Big Shift Global Campaign

Calling on all of the world's biggest public development banks to shift finance out of dirty fossil fuels and into sustainable, renewable energy to provide energy access for all.

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Ajay Banga

Take Action

Call on the World Bank to champion climate solutions across the world.

The World Bank is about to get a new president and it's an opportunity for big changes that we can't miss.

Sign our joint petition with to call on the incoming president to support urgent reforms to tackle poverty and the climate crisis.

Our demands

Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs) such as the World Bank manage billions of dollars of public money. They are key to financing the shift to a sustainable, renewable global energy system.

Multilateral Development Banks must:

  1. Phase out all direct and indirect finance to fossil fuels and promote a just transition.
  2. Significantly scale up investment in sustainable renewable energy and ensure everyone has access to clean, safe energy.
  3. Include strong environmental, social and governance safeguards relating to fossil fuels and renewable energy.
  4. Be transparent and accountable about direct and indirect energy finance and in measuring emissions from the projects they fund.